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Thinner glass products

There are many glass cutting machines in our factory, so that we can supply appropriate products with size and shape requested.
Especially, thinnest thickness is 0.03mm(30µm)to be cut with our special equipment.
*Size and shape depend on the composition and thickness.
Also, we can try to cut other materials than glass.
  • 極薄ガラス
  • 直線スクライブ切断


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  • Plenty experiences of thinner glass cutting for domestic and global market
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  • Straight line/curved shape on various thickness
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  • Holes and ditches on thin glass
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  • Contracted processing is available
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  • Not only mass production, but also trial production are welcomed


・0.03〜0.07mm Foldable type smartphone (Trial)
・0.1〜0.4mm Covered glass on curved display
・0.1〜0.21mm Special photo voltaic panel
・0.15mm Covered glass for Laser Diode
・0.21mm Substrate for semiconductor, covered glass on touch panel
・0.25〜0.5mm Covered glass for Laser Diode
・0.4mm Filter glass for camera
・0.3〜0.7mm Covered glass on image sensor
・0.5〜0.7mm Substrate for display
・0.7mm Covered glass for lighting devices

Why customers chose?

We can supply thinner glass products (<1.0mm) with shortened lead-time to various customers.
Not only straight cut, but also curved shape are available. Especially, less breakage cutting technology has been developed in house.
Cutting thinner glass is our origin, so that our thinner glass products can satisfy our customers' requirements.
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