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Substrate for display

MATSUNAMI started to supply substrates for plasma-display in 1973.
And, we have been supplying various glass as for various displays.
We can supply appropriate substrates to meet customers' requirements through our excellent experiences and technologies.
  • 極薄ガラス
  • 直線スクライブ切断


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  • Plenty of experiences to supply substrates for small display
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  • Mass production with automatic processing equipment
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  • Availability for various type substrates (color filter, touch panel, light gauge, with ITO)
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  • Availability of contract processing
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  • Availability for not only mass production, but also trial production


・For TFT display
・For OLED display
・For TN/STN display
・For glass light gauge
・For touch panel

Why customers chose?

Automatic processing line from inserting raw glass to inspection is available and we have excellent experiences.
Customers are giving us not only mass production but also trial production.
We can handle various glass products, so that we can process special treatment as well.
We can supply proper products with reasonable lead-time.
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