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Glass surface polishing

We would like to introduce our surface polishing technology.
By polishing to the thickness specified by our customers, the surface of our final products will become a high-quality mirror form.
In addition, ultra-precision polishing processing, high precision quality which optical glasses requested is also available.


●Polishing high quality glasses such as optical glass, colored glass and cover glass for high-pixel camera modules (appearance defects quality control start from 3μm level).
●High precision (flatness, parallelism, surface roughness).
●High quality US cleaning
●Available with various thickness
●Small lot prototype processing is welcomed
●Quality assurance by various types of measurement such as Laser-Microscopic, Laser interferometer, Haze measuring machine, Spectrophotometer.
●As an outsourcer to support your glass processing (from prototype to mass production).

Process & Equipment


●Cover glass with extremely no scratches or appearance defects
Cover glass for image sensors (CMOS, CCD, etc.), optical glass filter (IR / UV, etc.), cover glass for camera modules
(Digital cameras, In-vehicle cameras, industrial cameras, surveillance cameras, distance measurement/image recognition cameras), and other optical equipments, optical communication devices, etc.
●High flatness and high definition glass
In-vehicle cover glass, optical communication devices, optical substrate, projector, projection mapping, small and medium-sized flat display, LED cover glass, cover glass for semiconductor`s laser beam, glass substrates, and the other cover glasses.
●0.1mm Ultra-thin polished glass
IR / UV filter glass, cover glass for optical devices, glass for various coatings, filter glass for optics, glass spacers, etc.


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