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Other filters

MATSUNAMI has been supplying UV, visible and IR controlling filters for long time, which are requested to utilize in some equipment.
We can supply appropriate filters (absorption type, reflection type), which meet spectral characteristics required and colored glass to indicate some specific colors, like brown, green blue and so on, without harmful materials.
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  • ND, IR and UV filters are available (reflective type or absorption type)
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  • IR transmittance filter without harmful materials
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  • High quality and high reliability
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  • Reasonable lead-time and processing fee due to serial processing process
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  • Joint-development for brand-new composition



- For bar-code sensor
- For infrared sensor
- For night vision camera in aircraft
- For contrast adjustment of cockpit display

Why customers chose?

Continuous and reliable supply
Reasonable fee due to serial processing
Production capability to meet customers' requirement
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