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Laser Diode filter

We are able to supply proper products as for LD filter.


Quality controlled under ISO certificate
●High transparency for specific wave length ※Transparent ratio >=99%
●Shapes (circle, square, hexagon) availability ※Tolerance ±0.05mm
●High hermetic/Less damaged bonding
●Continuous supply
●Joint development/as OEM
Reasonable cost
●In-house serial process
●Cost advantage to purchase both cover and sealing material
●Depends on quantity/duration of contract/OEM
Good delivery
●Just In Time
●Quick response for small quantity and various specs
●Inventory control for quarterly/yearly blanket orders
●Also quick response for immediate huge quantity required
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  • High transparency at the specific wavelength (>99%)
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  • Circle, Square, Hexagon shapes are available (tolerance ±0.05mm)
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  • Shortened lead-time and appropriate cost through serial production from glass cutting to coating
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  • High air tightness glass and less damaged glass proposed at the same time
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  • Co-work for development, OEM production

Products availability

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