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MATSUNAMI has imprint technology to form a fine structure on the glass surface.
Using an ultra-high-definition mold, it is possible to directly mold nano/micro order resin microstructures on various glass substrates with high precision.
Also, by adopting our original optical resin, it is possible to reach various optical characteristics and reliability.


●Fusion of the features of glass and resin
1) Glass-Resin complex structure; combination of environmental resistance / thermal stability of glass and easy molding of resin.
2) 1/10 or less on dimensional change; compare to All-Resin products, Glass-Resin are stable.
3) 1/5 or less on cost; compare to All-Glass products, Glass-Resin are cheaper.
4) Stability even in 85℃×85%_1000hr、85℃⇔-40℃_1000cycle environmental test.
●Realization of ultra precision microstructure
1) Fine structure with high dimensional accuracy is achieved by ultra-high-definition mold.
2) Various shapes including cylindrical, hexagon, square, circle, convex and concave, etc.
3) Applications including aspherical lenses, Toroidal lenses, Fresnel lenses, gratings, moss eyes, etc.



●Sensing, imaging, optical communication components, light field display
●Refractive lenses, diffusion screen, anti-reflection, etc.


1) Maximum Size: 400*400mm
2) Substrate: various glass, film (0.1mm~2.0mm thickness)
3) Refractive index: 1.4~1.7
4) Single/double side molding, various coatings, and irregular shapes/drilling, etc.
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