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Glass frit / Powder

MATSUNAMI has been supplying glass flits / powder to bond ferrite, metals and ceramics with glass.
We can also supply glass powder for solid-state conductor at this moment.
We can supply such materials with various forms, powder, flits and paste to add electrical insulation, airtight and protection function.
  • 松浪硝子は半導体レーザーで活躍
  • 松浪硝子レーザー周辺部材


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  • Joint-development for brand-new composition
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  • Various forms are available, powder, frits and paste
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  • Low melting point glass without lead
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  • Small batch trial with shortened lead-time
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  • Substitution for discontinued products



- For LED packaging
- For high reflection type packaging
- For bonding SUS with optical lens
- For Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic
- For solid-state conductor for solid-state battery (newly developed)

Why customers chose?

Continuous and reliable supply
Reasonable fee with choosing inexpensive materials
Production capability to meet customers' requirement
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