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Glass edge processing

We have many types of cutting technologies.
Glass edge processing is a technology that precisely processes the cut surface, thread surface (ridge line) and corners of glass. This important technology will help improving the accuracy of external dimensions and improving the strength of glass.
Not only glass material, We are also available to handle different types of materials.
With CNC control, it is possible to machine the end face of a free-form surface with the dimensions and shape specified by the customer.
The thickness is available from the thinnest 0.2mm.


●Available with various thicknesses.
●Straight cutting for sure! We also handle irregular shape and drilling with holes.
●Stable quality and stable production are possible with our automated production line.
●One-stop solution from material purchasing to final products.
●Regarding the end face shape (thread surface, corner), it is possible to process it into the shape customer requested.
●We will undertake the processing of materials other than glass after further discussion.


  • <Double edger>

  • <1-axis CNC>

  • <2-axis CNC>

  • <3-axis CNC>

  • <10-axis CNC>


●Vehicle Front display (CID, cluster, etc.)
●Flat panel displays Use (LCD, organic EL, touch panels, etc.)
●Cover glass / filter glass for image-related products such as cameras and sensors (image sensors, IR, UV, and other optical filters)
●In addition, various processed glass products such as cover glass and substrate glass


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