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Chemically strengthened glass products

MATSUNAMI has technology of chemical strength and equipment.
We can supply higher strength glass through in-house facilities, which is met with customers' requirements.
We can also control the compression stress (CS) and the depth of stress layer (DOL).
  • 化学強化の仕組み


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  • Available for various display products
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  • Available for various sizes and dimensions
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  • Suggest higher strengthened glass after consultation of process condition with customers' requests
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  • Contracted processing is also available. (from trial to mass production)
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  • Quality control via compression stress control


・Covered glass for automotive interior displays
 Applied as various covered glass for display in the domestic/international automotive vehicles
 Available for designated glass (e.g. R-shape, trapezoid)
 Capable to control and manage CS (compression stress) / DOL (depth of stress layer)

・Covered glass for industrial displays
 Applied as various covered glass for displays in the medical equipment, industrial machinery, ships, wireless devices and so on.
Recently increasing the number of replacement from plastic materials, because of heat resistance, scratch resistance, environmental issues and so on.

・Not only with soda-lime composite glass, but also Al-Si composite glass are available.
  • カバーガラス
  • 小型ディスプレイカバー

Why customers chose?

There are some chemical strengthen facilities in our factory and we have much experience to deliver the products for display related market.
Nowadays, these products are being used around automotive interior displays.
Of course, not only for automotive segment, our products are being used in the various market.
Small batch products, products with shortened lead-time and processing with raw materials handled by customers are also welcomed.
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