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Glass composition development

We have original know-how to develop glass composition and melt and form glass.
Mainly, optical filter glass, glass as tele-communication parts and glass powder are being produced.


●Able to develop various glass composition and form such glass
●Able to develop glass whichever you want
●Able to adopt your consignment production (not only mass production but also trial production)
●Able to supply glass customized for your request

Various composition and shape

Optical filter, Color adjustment, Sensor, Heat absorption, Chemical strength, UV transparent, IR transparent, Light guide, Radiation resistance, Solid electrolyte, Dental material, Low melting point, Lead free, any other you want
Plate, Thin plate (Micro sheet), Glass block, Powder, Glass lid, Glass mold, Press formed, any other you want
  • IR absorption filter拡大表示(別ウィンドウで開きます)
  • Various optical filter拡大表示(別ウィンドウで開きます)
  • Colored glass拡大表示(別ウィンドウで開きます)
  • Solid electrolyte glass powder拡大表示(別ウィンドウで開きます)
  • Special glass拡大表示(別ウィンドウで開きます)
  • For bonding拡大表示(別ウィンドウで開きます)


●Covering glass/Filter for image sensor
●Covering glass/Filter for high-resonance camera/camera module
●ToF/Filter for ranging sensor
●Covering glass for optical devices (LED, semiconductor laser)
●Covering glass/Filter for industrial use camera
●Light gauge (beam splitter, light transceiver, etc)
●Radiation resistance glass
●Glass for Bonding/Sealing
●Dental material
●Solid electrolyte glass powder
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