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Glass coating

MATSUNAMI can meet customers` requirement, and apply different coating to various glass substrate.


●We support mass production with highly reliable coating formation such as ion assist, plasma assist, and sputtering according to the requirements of each customer.
●Available to apply coating on ultra thin glass; such as 0.145mm thickness.
●High adhesion strength, heat resistance and coating hardness.
●The assist coat enables the production of non-shift films with heat resistance.
●High Environmental Reliability. 1000H in constant temperature and humidity test, heat cycle, high temperature storage, and low temperature storage.
●For various reflow tests, heat treatment up to 570 C is available.
●Single layer to multi layer (up to 50 layers) are available. (AR, UV cut, ND, Dichroic filter)
●The highly reliable coating formation method causes some warpage due to stress, but the level by plasma assist or sputter is lower. Therefore, dicing process is still available for these products.
●5μ to 25μ level quality assurance in appearance defects for small size products.
●AR and antifouling coat is available after low temperature plasma assist AR coat.
●Various shape and dimension are available.
●Small trial to mass production.
●Accept contract processing.
●Spectral adjustment is available by organic dye application.
●Quality assurance by various measuring devices, such as spectrophotometer, haze meter and other test equipment required for coating products.




Maximum size: 260*170, 300*400 (Deposition). 101.6*350(Sputtering).
Minimum thickness: 0.07mm(Deposition), 0.145mm(Sputtering).
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